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Fit Kit Stages

It is critical to us that we match the Fit Kit Opportunity to people who understand the life-changing solution we are providing.

Please use the assessment below to determine if you should apply.


Our Founder, Emily is the first point of approval after you have completed your application. She goes through it and makes sure you meet a set of qualifications, then if you are moved to the next stage, you will be contacted by our Sales Director, Karl. 



Karl will book a video call with you to provide you all the details you need to know about the process, the cost, and together you will discuss if this is the right fit for you. We are not in the business of selling Fit Kits, we really are looking for applicants who are eager to make a difference and earn additional income.



Our On-boarding Director, Sarah will then reach out to you to talk about scheduling training, working through the sales contract, and getting fees. She then passes you off for training!



This is where you will meet up with Emily and go through the actual fit training, operations, business development, and get to participate in the iconic Kelowna Happy Hour and dinner with our team.


Marketing Items

You will then work with our Marketing Manager Bailee who will take you through all the marketing materials, biographies, ad strategy, etc.


Receive Fit Kit - Start Selling

You will receive your Fit Kit within 8 weeks of starting your whole process and this is where you will meet Ben, our VP of Logistics.  

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