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Fit Kit


EMMYDEVEAUX continues to innovate the fashion industry through design, unique funding models (FUNDIT), strategic industry partnerships, sustainable programs like BUYBACK, and our recently launched Fit Kit Micro-Franchise.

From inception, our clothing has been designed to build the perfect capsule closet and our business has been designed to change how customers shop and think.

What is Fit Kit?

Our Founder, Emily Salsbury-Deveaux has created one of the most unique in person retail experiences. With a 100% conversion rate and 88% loyalty, it made sense to think about bringing this experience to as many people as possible.

Currently, the brand has two permanent stores in Edmonton and Kelowna. Upon reflection of building the $120,000 store in Kelowna, Emily had thought to herself she could have just used a room in a house that she lived in rather than the overhead burden of a store.

Since then, the Kelowna store now runs like a larger Fit Kit and is where our training program for Fit Kit takes place.

Emily has discovered a way to turn our fitting system into a Micro-Franchise. It is a lucrative opportunity to earn money providing new customers with this same experience.

She personally tested the Fit Kit concept in Calgary and Toronto and has plans to enter all of the markets we currently have a following.

**we have no more space in Calgary or Mississauga. You will still be able to apply and will be added to a list for future contact!

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